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PT Bowsprit Asset Management ("Bowsprit") is an Investment Manager specializing in Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) – locally known as DIRE (Dana Investasi Real Estat), Incubator Fund – locally known as RDPT (Reksa Dana Penyertaan Terbatas), and Infrastructure Fund – locally known as DINFRA (Dana Investasi Infrastruktur).

Bowsprit obtained its Investment Manager License from Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority (OJK) on April 24th 2014.

Bowsprit is a wholly owned subsidiary of PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk (“LPKR”), Indonesia’s largest and most integrated property company in terms of market capitalization, total asset and revenue, with a unique and integrated business model.

LPKR also has two REITs based in Singapore: Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail Trust (LMIRT) and FIRST REIT.



- Received Investment Manager Licence


- RDPT Bowsprit Infrastructure Fund I
   (Mature on April 29, 2019)

Total AUM: IDR 500 Billion


- RDPT Bowsprit Property Fund I
  (Mature on April 5, 2019)
- RDPT Bowsprit Property Fund II
- RDPT Bowsprit Property Fund III
- RDPT Bowsprit Property Fund IV
  (Mature on December 3, 2019)

Total AUM: IDR 1.50 Trillion


- RDPT Bowsprit Property Fund 5
- RDPT Bowsprit Property Fund 6

Total AUM: IDR 2.39 Trillion


- DINFRA Bowsprit Township Development
  (Mature on August 21, 2023)
- DINFRA Bowsprit Aoyama Commercial Fund

Total AUM: IDR 3.47 Trillion


- DINFRA Bowsprit Integrated Infrastructure
- DINFRA Bowsprit Integrated Infrastructure    2
- DINFRA Bowsprit Integrated Infrastructure    3
- DINFRA Bowsprit Township Development USD
- DINFRA Bowsprit Industrial Infrastructure

Total AUM: IDR 7.71 Trillion

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Angi Lim
President Director
Meliza Fazariani
Ketut Budi Wijaya
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